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The Mysteries of LC

6 Oct

How to create LC subject headings (a group effort by myself, Bill Cron* and Beth Panozzo):

To do LC headings, simply take the first two letters of the author’s middle name. Pick a random number between 40 and 80, and multiply it by 162. Add the letters to the numbers, then type it out in MS Word, convert font to Haettenschweiler Narrow, and enter into the free iGoogle German to English translator.

I seem to remember that in the case of anonymous authors, I need to find someone who had chinese take-out for lunch, add the first and third numbers of the fortune cookie, and multiply by current longitude. Then, if Mercury is retrograde, plug this number into WorldCat, close my eyes, take a walk around the block, and the subject heading will be on a postit in my middle desk drawer when I get back.

However, I was later reminded that this technique only works for videodiscs.

*Forgive the color scheme. Bill’s site is a throw-back to the days when the internet was wild and slow.