Get Thee to an Archives*!

19 Jun

Historiann (who joins my list of fab women historians that includes this woman and this woman and this woman and, the patron saint of the Bryn Mawr history department, this woman) reports on the Berkshire Conference and the clarion call to uncover unexplored histories languishing in the archives. So, I thought that I would, over the course of the next week, tell my archive stories of stuff I’ve found that may never see the light of analysis and try to think about the archivist’s role in this process. Actually, I’m going to tell two of my own and borrow one from a friend.

Before then, though, I’m off to a wedding in DC and an interview in Philadelphia. Wish me luck!

* Archive/archives? I have no opinion, but the digital pioneer says archives, so there you have it.


One Response to “Get Thee to an Archives*!”

  1. historiann June 19, 2008 at 4:07 pm #

    I’m honored to be in such august company! Thanks, patriarchivist. Please let me know when you’ve got some stories up and I’ll send some traffic your way. Given the hugeness of historical biography as well as African American history and women’s history, my sense is that you’re about to be overrun with crazed, determined historians demanding to see what you’ve got hidden in your archives & libraries.

    The historians at the “Researching and Writing the Lives of Unfree Women” panel, about which I have another post up today, were singing the praises of librarians and archivists. It’s amazing what a collaboration between a historian and a great archivist can achieve.

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